Manufacturer’s machinery for marble, stone and granite

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Who are we?

iremar was founded in 1977 -.our goal is to supply the natural stone and marble sector withe equipment and tools at competitive prices which enable them to get the most out of their business.

we were founded by Jose Maria Barrionuevo and irene perez and are presenly directed by the second generation. our aim is continous improvement, this has been done by providing our clients with the support and service they deserve over the last 30 years.

we are delighted to be able to keep offering this unique unovative customer service.we carry out these improvements by applying the latest technology to our products.this allows us to offer, made to measure solutions to our customers. we are proud to offer maximum reliability and performance in everyone of our products. this has enabled us to offer our clients the best service possible using our technical assistance service team (s.a.t.).

What do we do?

We have always valued innovation and the upmost quality. this allows us to give a full garantee regarding the daily use and reability of our products and services.

Because of this we manufacture a full range of products such as the 107/plus double drilling machine along with the best selling, "canter machine" we also supply a range of handling excessories to make life easier for our clients.

Our objetive is to offer competitive solutions and an unbeatable service which allows our clients to increase both their business competitiveness and profitability.

Our goal is to forsee any future developments which may effect our sector, by doing this we are able to continously advise our customers in order to to make the most out of what we can offer.

The right solutions

How do we do it?

Thanks to our experience over thre years, we straive to grove on a daily base due to the continuos in our sector. we are deligthed to have a young advances well team, who under go training on the constant base motivated.

we realise that each client deserves special attention. that's why we attend everybody on individual basis in order to give them made to measure solutions

Our exprience is our best tool


We will be deligthed to invited to visit our facility in Bigues i Riells (Barcelona) SPAIN.

we have recently invested in a new mordern facility. which has everything our client made need. we look forward to seen you !!!!

We will speak to you personaly

IREMAR Innovation And Service

Pol. Ind. Can Barri, nave 63
08415 Bigues i Riells (Barcelona)
Tel. +34 938 65 77 04 - Fax +34 938 65 77 21
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Innovation And Service

+34 938 65 77 04
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Manufacturer’s machinery for marble, stone and granite

Pol. Ind. Can Barri, nave 63 - 08415 - Bigues i Riells (Barcelona) - SPAIN -