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Accurate - Minimal training - A perfect Mitre Every time - Fast and accurate mitres - Reduced chipping - Guaranteed straight cuts

The mitre saw, the central component fo the MitreForma system. The high demand from consumers for elegant stone features and the stone industry's nedd to make clean, quick and accurate mitres to meet this demand. The Mitre Saw is the first machine of its kind to simply and speedily cut accurate mitres for a wide range of applications and it works on engineered stone, granite and marble of thicknesses ranging from 15mm to 40mm.

Accuracy is the key when cutting mitres:

The more accurate the cut, the better the result. With the Mitre Saw, an accurate mitre cut is achieved each and every time due to the fixed 45.0º angle of the cutting blade and the straight edge system which uses the front edge stopper of the material to position it accurately on the table. No measuring. No mistakes. Coupled with this, the pneumatic clamps flatten the material against the table so that it's always straight and always stays in place.

The Mitre Saw's reputation for accurate cuts is also due to fact the material is loaded polished face down, thereby eliminating cutting errors that can arise due to small variations in material thickness along its length.

The smaller diameter (350mm) continuous ring diamond-tipped blade, together with the variable speed control, means that a range of material thicknesses and hardness can be accommodated with less chipping and less cut deflection. The result??  Greater accuracy anda a straighter, cleaner cut.

No need for an experienced saw operator; the Mitre Saw is easy to use and with minimal training requirements and fast installation it can fit into any workshop and start earning its keep inmediately.



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MITRE SAW - THE MITRE SYSTEM, for stone, marble, granite, engineered stone

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