MITREFORMA - THE MITRE SYSTEM, for stone, marble, granite, engineered stone



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Description MITREFORMA


MITREFORMA™ is a fabrication tool designed specifically for creating mitred fascias in a quick, precise and fool proof way.

Features:                                                                         Benefits:

Fast                                                                                    Cuts preparation time by 75%
Simple to use                                                                  Saves labour costs
Built-in square                                                                 Creates high-quality 90º seams
Fascia clamping rod                                                      Ensures tight seams
Fascia retaining arm                                                      Ensures accurate alignment
Disposable glue-catcher                                              Protects tool from glue overrun
High-quality aluminium                                                 Long lasting investment
& stainless steel construction
White rubber plate                                                          Protects surface of stone
Quick release mechanism                                           Fast operation
Available in two sizes:                                                   Up to 130mm fascias 120 – 320mm fascias





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MITREFORMA - THE MITRE SYSTEM, for stone, marble, granite, engineered stone

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